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NASCAR Products and Licensing

NASCAR licensing may not seem like a big deal, but it is actually very important that the NASCAR merchandise bought by fans is sold by licensed NASCAR vendors. If you are not familiar with the business world in relation to sport merchandise, you may be unaware that much of the proceeds from NASCAR merchandise go directly to support the drivers, teams, sponsors, etc. When vendors sell unofficial NASCAR merchandise that is not licensed by NASCAR, it essentially is robbing the drivers and teams of money and using the drivers, logos, etc. without permission. Furthermore, when people buy NASCAR merchandise, they want to know that they are indeed buying authentic NASCAR products and not some knock-off or imitation that ultimately has no value.

NASCAR Licensing: Preventing Counterfeit Goods

Over recent years, there has been an increasing problem with NASCAR licensing because more and more vendors are selling unofficial NASCAR products that are not licensed by NASCAR. The fraudulent use of the drivers’ identities and the NASCAR logo has become such a problem—partly due to the growing popularity of NASCAR—that NASCAR is now implementing a new program to help ensure NASCAR product authenticity, decrease the incidences of unofficial merchandise being sold, and protect licensed vendors and the NASCAR teams.

With the help of Dupont Authentication, a NASCAR hologram has been developed that will be affixed to all NASCAR-licensed merchandise. This is an easy way to help fans ensure that they are actually buying authentic NASCAR products and supporting the NASCAR teams. The hologram is not only difficult to replicate, but it also has a tracking number that allows NASCAR to track the distribution of merchandise. This tracking number will also help NASCAR find vendors who somehow obtain the holograms and use them on unlicensed merchandise.

The holograms are made in two different so that small items, like key chains, and larger items, like hats, will all be able to have one. Although the program is still in transition, already 150 vendors of NASCAR products have signed up for the holograms.

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