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NASCAR and the Implications of Qualifing

NASCAR qualifing is a big deal, whether you realize it or not. If you have ever closely watched a race—any kind or race—you may have noticed that starting position has a big impact on how the race will ultimately end. When there are many people or cars all lined up to participate in one big, important, final race, it is obvious that not every car can have the exact same starting position.

When races take place on circular tracks, which they almost always do, the person on the very inside is in a completely different situation and position than the person on the outside or the person in the middle. Some racing positions are known to be better than others, and sometimes the drivers themselves can have preferences for starting positions, as well. The important thing to remember is that starting position can have a serious impact on how the race will go for any particular driver, so it is important to do what it takes to get that great position for the final race.

NASCAR Qualifing: Winning Matters

In each NASCAR racing series, there are a series of races that are NASCAR qualifing. These races are ones in which a driver’s performance can affect his starting position in the final race. If a driver wins or loses, earns many points or few, it is all factored into the decision concerning starting position. With NASCAR races, oftentimes it matters how many qualifing races a driver chooses to race. Sometimes, if a driver races too many qualifing races, it can have a negative impact on the ultimate starting position.

Qualifing races are not without their own problems, however. There have been NASCAR series where some of the final NASCAR qualifing races were cancelled due to weather, moisture on the track, or other conditions. When these unexpected things happen, some drivers lose their last chance to race well in a qualifing race and can even be completely eliminated from making the racing cut altogether.

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