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Advantages of Employment with NASCAR

If you are a fan of NASCAR and looking for a way to add more excitement into your professional life, considering NASCAR employment could be a great way to get more involved with the sport you love and exercise your skill set in a unique way. Whether you plan to remain at NASCAR long-term or stay for just a few years, experience at NASCAR will be a plus for any future employment because of its national recognition and its collaborative team-based organization. Just like the racing teams themselves, every NASCAR employee is part of a bigger, overall team as they all work together, contributing their special role to the larger whole.

NASCAR Employment: The Possibilities

Regardless of who you are, your employment history, or your skill set, the best people for NASCAR employment are those who know about and love the game. NASCAR is a committed, dedicated organization with serious goals, so having employees who are passionate and excited about the job only contributes to a better working of the organization.

If you are interested in a position with NASCAR, the good news is that there are many from which you can choose that all have different responsibilities, qualifications, and locations. Some may be involved in administrative aspects, some in advertising or publicity, and some in the day-to-day running of events. Here are just a few of the possibilities that could be available at any given time. Some may require traveling, while others are more stationary positions.

In Daytona Beach, Florida, you could work as an Administrative Assistant, Payroll Assistant, or Information Technology Services Coordinator. In Charlotte, there are positions such as Coordinator, International Licensing and Special Projects; Intern, Traditional Licensing; Intern, Publications; and Intern, Community Relations. In Concord, you could be an Administrative Assistant or the traveling Executing Sous Chef, and there are also positions like Account Executive for Broadcasting and News Media in Los Angeles, California and Technical Inspection Officials.

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