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The Speedpark: NASCAR Racing for All

All ages love the thrill of speed and excitement, and the NASCAR Speedpark is a new way people can satisfy their need for racing without becoming a professional racecar driver. The NASCAR Speedparks are a new chain of theme parks that focus on NASCAR and the racing experience. Because of their diverse atmosphere, there is something for nearly everyone at the park, so adults and children alike can have an entertaining, exciting day. Because the park is related to NASCAR, it is not merely a racetrack park like others you may have seen, but instead everything ties back into NASCAR.

Description of NASCAR Speedpark

One of the best features of the NASCAR Speedparks is that there are tracks for people of all ages. Many other racing parks have age restrictions so that people who are too young or too old may often be excluded from participating. However, all of the NASCAR Speedparks have up to eight different tracks for all ages, so everyone has the opportunity to join in on the fun. In addition to the racing tracks, the NASCAR Speedparks also feature an arcade and interactive games, driver merchandise, kiddie rides, mini golf, bumper boats, and a snack bar.

There are currently four NASCAR Speedparks, with the first being opened in Myrtle Beach, SC in 1998. The second park was opened a year later in Sevierville, TN. The third and fourth parks both opened in 2003, in Concord, NC and St. Louis.

NASCAR Speedparks try to make the fun they offer as accessible as possible to the public, and this commitment drives many of their decisions. Unlike other theme parks that charge an entrance fee, in the NASCAR Speedpark you only pay if you play. Also, guests to the Speedpark never have to pay for parking. If you are considering bring a large group to the park, such as a class or team, group discounts for fifteen or more people are available. Ride passes or season passes can purchased for personal use or for use as gift certificates, and the parks are open year-round except on some of the major holidays.

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