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The Dodge Charger - A History Of NASCAR Greatness

It's back on the track again. After and extended hiatus of many years the NASCAR Dodge Charger has returned to racing and hopefully its here to stay. The Dodge Charger has had a long and successful history in NASCAR racing and when it exited the scene it took something with it. Namely championship wins for the famous automobile manufacturer’s race cars. With it's welcomed return to the world of auto racing, will Dodge once again rise to the top of the standings?

For a while, Dodge left Cup competition and it was a very long while. In fact, almost 30 years passed before Dodge returned to the racing scene in full force. But rather than come back to racing with the NASCAR Dodge Charger, they brought the popular Intrepid model to the track. While the Intrepid was a good car and put many wins under it's drivers' belts, it never could seem to capture those all-important Cup wins that the teams were looking for. From 2001 to 2004 the Intrepid didn't get a single Cup win. Maybe this and cries from fans is what lead to the Charger’s imminent return to the sport of auto racing.

The NASCAR Dodge Charger Moves Toward Victory

During its illustrious history, the NASCAR Dodge Charger won at least 124 races between the 60s and late 70s when NASCAR really began hitting it's stride. It was a fan favorite that was a mainstay on the racing tracks and brought Dodge great success. After the manufacturer's team left the sport for a span of more than 30 years, it returned in 2001 but not with the Charger. Fans were no doubt expecting the return of this well known powerhouse, but instead saw Dodge bring Intrepid into the game. The 2005 racing season saw the Dodge Charger return like a phoenix to try to regain it's place as one of the greatest Championship race cars in NASCAR history.

If history is any indication of what a car is capable of, then the NASCAR Dodge Charger is poised to take the Cup many times as it blazes over the speedways in the years to come. You can expect to see the street legal versions of the Dodge Charger being scooped up by consumers looking to take a bit of that NASCAR with them wherever they go.

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