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Nascar Collections are Incomplete without Hoods!

Unless you are a huge Nascar fan yourself, you probably have no idea what Nascar hoods are. Nascar hoods look like the hood panel of a car. However, they are meant to be used for decoration only and generally come with hooks for easy hanging. They usually have an authentic feel as well because they are made from 30-guage aluminum.

Hoods come in a variety of designs. For example, you can purchase a hood that is a replica of the hood of your favorite driver's car. On the other hand, you can buy a hood that is a picture collage of your favorite driver. Hoods also come in an array of sizes, including full-size, 1/2 scale, 1/4 scale, and miniature.

Finding Nascar Hoods for Your Fan

Though hoods may not be something you frequently see when shopping for Nascar gear, finding Nascar hoods for your fan will probably not be as difficult as you imagine. An Internet search will immediately turn up several possibilities. Also, some Nascar memorabilia shops will be able to order hoods for you. The difficult part of the process is deciding what type of hood you want.

If you are purchasing a gift, the first step is to make absolutely certain you know which driver your friend or family member likes. Returns can be a hassle, especially if you order a larger hood size, and some places may not even accept them. Once you know this, a safe bet would be to go with the replica of the Nascar driver's hood. While photo collages are nice, they can be found on posters and pictures as well and might not be as unique a gift as a replica hood.

Size is the other issue. Miniature hoods are about the size of a normal poster and are a fairly safe bet. 1/4 scale hoods are 16.2" H x 12" W x 1" D, and 1/2 scale hoods are 27.5" H x 31" W x 1" D. Full-size hoods are even larger; they are the actual dimensions of a car hood and take up a large portion of a wall when hung. Thus, unless you know that the recipient has a wall where he or she would hang the hood, purchasing a larger size may not be the wisest decision.

When shopping for Nascar hoods, simply be an educated consumer. By picking a conservative size and checking several different places for price range, you should be able to buy a special gift for that Nascar fan in your life with relatively little difficulty. Good luck!

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