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NASCAR Racing Flags: Learning The Basics

You know green means go and red means stop, but what in the world does a black flag mean? Most races go off without a hitch but in NASCAR, flags flying can mean the difference in coming in first or ending up out of the running. You may think the racers are the most important people on the track, but it's the flag men that the spotters and the pit crew are keeping their eyes on. It may seem outdated and old fashioned, but even in this age of high tech electronics it's the flags that signal NASCAR racers, their crews and their fans to penalties, conditions and racing wins.

Everyone who knows NASCAR racing in general is familiar with the most commonly used flags. Green signals the beginning of the race or the go ahead to continue racing after a conditional flag. A yellow flag reflects a caution due to an accident or adverse conditions on the track from spring showers to woodland creature frolicking on the raceway. The white flag signals the last lap of the race and the checkered flag heralds the end of the race and the winner. But in addition to these NASCAR flags are others that are occasionally and in some cases, rarely seen during a racing season.

NASCAR Flags Explained In Detail

NASCAR drivers don't usually want to see a flag during a race other than the green, the white and the checkered. That's because the other flags are usually an indication that something has gone wrong. It may be something like a yellow caution flag for an accident or it may be something as serious as a red flag which brings a complete stop to the race. Here is a list of the eight NASCAR flags and what they mean for the drivers:

  • Green - Race begins or resumes from another conditional flag.
  • Yellow - Racing under caution. Conditions adverse or hazardous.
  • Red - Racing has come to a halt. All pit crew and repair work must cease.
  • Black - The "consultation flag". Driver must pit. Usually due to rule violation.
  • Black with White "X" - Driver no longer scored for failing to pit under black.
  • Blue With Yellow Stripe - Basically, let faster cars by. This one is optional to a degree.
  • White Flag - Last lap of the race.
  • Checkered flag - Race is over. Winner will be declared.

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