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New NASCAR Fans Setting Attendance Records

NASCAR attendance numbers are up. Way up! Since the early days of the sport, its fan base has steadily grown. But in recent years, millions more people of every age and from every walk of life are showing up or tuning in to NASCAR events. And with good reason. Everyone from corporate bigwigs to rappers and actors are starting to bring attention to this full throttle sport. With that kind of star power and the money it brings, it's not too hard to imagine that an influx of new blood was sure to follow.

It seems that the NASCAR phenomenon is refusing to be bound by the tired old stereotypes of only being popular with male Southern conservatives, "rednecks" or "NASCAR Dads". More and more we’re seeing racing fever move to all points North, South, East and West. There has been a new realization that NASCAR attendance and viewing has expanded beyond its previous regional boundaries. New raceways are popping up all across the country as communities try to capture a piece of the world of NASCAR. Not to mention attracting the huge amounts of additional revenue race fans bring with them.

Higher NASCAR Attendance Numbers Equal Corporate Gold

It's not just local governments and business owners looking to fill their coffers with money generated by high NASCAR attendance numbers. Corporate sponsors are also looking at the growing number of NASCAR fans as potential buyers for their products. Every car out there on the speedways is literally covered from front to back with advertisements. Companies both big and small are all looking to gain an edge over the competition with high profile ads that are sure to get plenty of airtime over the course of a 200+ lap race. You might find some people that complain, but corporate sponsorship is the backbone of NASCAR racing and many fans get a kick out of the accompanying ad campaigns.

As NASCAR attendance increases, you're going to notice the sport becoming more and more high profile. It's already gaining more time on broadcast, cable and satellite channels and racers are gaining superstar status that was virtually unheard of before. What it all boils down to is the fact that no matter who's advertising what on which car, it's the excitement and thrill of NASCAR racing that is putting fans in those seats.

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