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NASCAR Frequencies: Heighten the Thrill

Do you know what NASCAR frequencies? If you are a new fan of the sport, you may not have even the slightest idea, and even longtime fans may find this is something that is beyond their scope of knowledge or experience. NASCAR frequencies are, most basically, radio scanner frequencies (or channels) that allow listeners to hear exactly what is going on during the race. Each NASCAR driver has his own frequency, and fans who tune in are able to hear what the drive says and any other sounds made during the race. You might hear grunts, race noises, conversations with his team, etc. Because it gives listeners the feeling of being in the car right beside the driver, listening to the NASCAR frequencies can increase your race enjoyment.

NASCAR Frequencies: Consider This...

NASCAR frequencies are very popular, and there are lists of frequencies for drivers all over the Internet. The Winston Cup Series, Craftsman Truck Series, Busch Grand National Series, and the Nextel Cup all have published lists of frequencies on the web. You can quickly find them with an Internet search.

The only things you need to enjoy the thrill of listening to the NASCAR frequencies are a scanner and the frequency of your favorite driver. Although scanners are not hard to find, you need to be aware that in some states there are laws against scanners because they allow listeners to access police frequencies. Currently, the states with laws against scanners are Indiana, New York, Kentucky, Minnesota, South Dakota, Florida, and Michigan. This rule applies even to scanners being used at NASCAR tracks and is a law against possession, not use. Therefore, even if you are only traveling through one of these states with your scanner, if the scanner is found by the police, you can be fined and your scanner confiscated and destroyed. To make the most of your race experience, be sure to check on local and state laws concerning scanners to ensure that your trip to the track is problem-free.

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