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The Bud Shootout - A Perennial NASCAR Tradition

It may not be the most anticipated race of the year for fans, but it does set the stage for the year's racing season. The NASCAR Bud shootout, the non-points exhibition race that kicks off the year's NASCAR racing season may just set the pace for the upcoming battles for the top spot. But don't think for a moment that just because it's an exhibition race that the drivers aren’t going to give it there all. These professional drivers are competing for fame, finish and prize money and every one wants to be the one to take the checkered flag.

There are a lot of things determined at the end of the previous year's racing season. Eligibility for he NASCAR Bud Shootout is one of those things that is decided the year before. Right around December the list is published as to who will participate in this non-points event and you'll be almost guaranteed to see the best of the best in the lineup of racers. Each one has either won the Busch Clash, Budweiser Shootout or taken the Bud Pole Award the year before. There is a qualifying draw that sets the starting order of this race that has been the first of the season for more than two decades.

The NASCAR Bud Shootout Has Different Rules

The NASCAR Bud Shootout, while not a points race does have a sizable purse on the line. This is pure racing with no BCS rankings to determining the winner. The race is a short one. Only 70 laps with an intermission at lap 20 and 50 laps following. The race also must end with a white and checkered flag finish under green. The field is a small one with only twenty-one drivers competing in the race and the rules are decidedly different from those you'd expect to see in a normal NASCAR race during the racing season.

Since the NASCAR Bud Shootout is only an exhibition race, it doesn't really have any bearing on the racing season. But the fans sure do get a kick out of it. There’s no better way to start off the new year of racing than by catching the Bud Shootout and getting revved up for the racing season. You'll be able to see the newest model cars, the latest team paint schemes and all of your favorite racers as they get the new year off to a roaring start.

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