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NASCAR Popularity and the Fame of Crashes

NASCAR crashes, while some of the most terrifying moments for drivers and their relatives or friends, are some of the most exciting moments for the media and fans. Although no one wants to see a driver or team member injured or killed in a crash, few fans will deny the thrilling (yet scary) excitement involved in each NASCAR crash. Because the drivers and cars travel at such amazing speeds, it is obvious that a crash is bound to happen sooner or later. It is hoped that the skill and experience of the drivers and the communication between each driver and his team will help prevent dangerous or deadly crashes, but the reality is that unforeseen circumstances, mechanical failures, and crashes are always a possibility.

NASCAR Crashes: The Reality

NASCAR crashes result for a variety of reasons and in a number of ways, and there is almost no chance of accurately predicting how, when, or where a crash will occur. When traveling at such high speeds, even little, normally non-incidental actions can have serious consequences. For instance, with typical cars traveling along a standard highway or interstate, a slight bump on the fender or a clip on the edge will have little result. However, in NASCAR races even the smallest contact between two cars can be enough to send one or both cars reeling and spinning into other cars, walls, pits, etc.

Again, the speed of the races contributes to the severity of the crash because the impact is often so extreme and powerful that pieces of the car can break off and fly into the spectators or the car can burst into flames. Although the drivers are protected inside the car by a system of restraining devices, helmets, and spinal supports, if a car catches on fire it is essential that a driver exit the car quickly—which is not often easy to do. After considering what is involved in a NASCAR crash instead of watching it as it is replayed on a sports or news show, you should have a greater appreciation of NASCAR drivers and the athleticism involved in their sport. Not only do drivers need endurance and stamina, but courage, mental focus, and calmness under pressure are also essential to achieving racing success.

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