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NASCAR Racing Buddy Icons - Show Off Your Style

Ok, you know that you and your buddies chat online all the time. So why not find a couple of really good NASCAR buddy icons and show how much you love the sport of racing. Your friends may not all be NASCAR fans, but they sure will know that you are. Not only that, but they might be race fans, too. A buddy icon can tell a lot about a person and you never know when you might make a new friend online. Anyone you met will immediately know that you are a NASCAR fan after seeing your buddy icon. They may even want to know where they can get one for themselves.

When you're chatting online with an instant messaging service, things can be kind of impersonal. One way to personalize your chats and show everybody a little bit about who you are and what you like is to use NASCAR buddy icons. These icons are a fun way to make your love of racing known to everybody you chat with. Buddy icons are displayed right on the chat window when you're typing. They usually have to be a certain size so you can’t just use any picture that you have on your computer.

Making Your Own NASCAR Buddy Icons

NASCAR buddy icons can be plain, still pictures or animated. The animated ones are really interesting and people really take notice of them. There might be ones where the car blazes off the screen or series of still pictures of a racer, car and car number. It all really depends on the creativity of the person that made them. But since most instant messaging services have height, width and file size restrictions, you'll have to be sure that the ones you find or make can be used with the chat program you're using.

If you want to make your own NASCAR buddy icons the difficulty level ranges from very easy to extremely difficult. The easiest buddy icons to make are the small still images. You can use a program to grab screen captures from race footage and then use them to make icons. You can also grab some large pictures from the internet and use those. You'll need to use some image software like the free program IrfanView to shrink the images to the right size. Then you can lower the resolution so that the file size is small enough to be used on your instant messaging program.

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