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Driving School Gives NASCAR Fans Real Thrills

Every fan sitting in the stands of a NASCAR event wishes they could be down there on the track. Well for those with need for super speed the chance to live the dream can be found at a NASCAR driving school. The pure, raw power of over 750 horses under the hood and the roar of the engine is the ultimate fantasy for racing fanatics. And there are a growing number of these training facilities that allow the average man or woman to get behind the wheel of one of these high performance racing machines and tear down the race track just like the pros.

NASCAR Driving School programs are many and varied, but there are generally two forms of interaction: ride alongs and ride and drives. The ride along courses allow you to strap into the seat of a real stock car next to a professional instructor for several laps at NASCAR speeds. These can be either one mile, half mile or mile and a half tracks. This kind of program let's you experience the thrill of high speed racing without being behind the wheel yourself. The other choice is the ride and drive. This is where the real action happens as you learn first hand how to drive like the pros with professional training and instruction. You'll learn the basics and eventually take the wheel for several laps around the track.

NASCAR Driving School: Pricing And Safety Issues

No one ever said that the ultimate racing experience came cheap. Depending on the school and programs available, a NASCAR Driving school experience can be an expensive venture. Most ride along programs begin at around $99 for three laps at qualifying speeds. A hands-on driving experience may start at around $379 and go well over $2000 for a three day experience. If you want to experience it all, you may want to start saving and planning now since courses in some areas are seasonal.

The biggest factor in deciding which NASCAR driving school to attend should be the safety factor. You don't want to go to a cheap racing school with a lousy safety record where you may end up getting hurt. You should make it a point to inquire about the risks, any kind of waivers that they may want you to sign and how many injuries have been incurred by participants in their programs. Your health and safety should always be a priority, even when going for the ultimate fantasy experience.

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