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NASCAR Radio: Turn to XM 144

As NASCAR continues to grow in popularity, NASCAR XM radio continues to get a bigger audience as fans are eager to hear all that they can about the NASCAR racing scene. If you are a serious NASCAR fan—longtime or a newcomer—and do not have an XM radio, you should seriously think about investing in one because XM radio gives you access to an exclusive NASCAR channel that is devoted to the NASCAR world twenty-four hours a day.

The NASCAR XM channel is XM 144 and has something for just about every fan out there. It covers races in the Nextel Cup, the Busch Series, and the Craftsman Truck, giving devoted listeners up-to-the-minute information and updates. If your schedule does not permit you to travel to many races and if you do not even have the time to sit and watch them on television, then NASCAR XM radio is just what you need to keep you involved and informed.

NASCAR XM Radio: Enter the World of NASCAR

On the NASCA XM radio channel, there are a variety of features and programs. In addition to detailed coverage of the races, there are also forums and call-in talk shows that allow fans and listeners to share their thoughts, debate the issues, or ask pressing questions. The NASCAR XM radio channel also features special programs from the Speed Channel, like Nextel Cup and Trackside, so it is your twenty-four source of information and news.

If NASCAR is your passion, what better way to continually stay involved than with the radio? Wherever you go, NASCAR XM radio will be there right beside. After all the bustle of the workplace and the chaos of home, NASCAR radio can be your special treat. So, go buy an XM radio if you do not yet have one, or if you do, turn it on to channel 144 and enter the world of NASCAR.

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