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Avatars Give NASCAR Fans Opportunity To Stand Out

The roar of the engine is always in your ears and the heat of the asphalt is in your blood. NASCAR avatars can add a taste of Talladega to your life online. But what is an avatar? Where can you use them and how do you get them? Well an avatar is basically a picture that can be added to different things to show you're a fan of something or someone. Let's say for instance that you can't do without seeing Dale Jr. rip around the track at speeds in excess of 150mph. Well while you're chatting with your pal who's at work missing the race (Is he supposed to be chatting or working?), you can have a small picture of Dale Jr. or his car number and colors right on your chat window. But let's say that's not enough. You could even have a picture of the car and his name on an avatar. You might even find an animated one.

There are all kinds of places that you can use avatars online to show your support for your favorite racer or racing team. You can use a NASCAR avatar in a forum as you sing the praises of NASCAR over say a sport like say…soccer or tennis. You could also use an avatar as you go on and on in the NASCAR forums about the great race this past weekend or how Geoff Bodine got robbed because of that tap he got that put his car into the wall and out of commission. There are all kinds of places you can use an avatar. You could even add one to your own website to represent how big a fan you really are. And it doesn't have to be for a particular car or team. You could just use the popular NASCAR logo as your avatar instead.

NASCAR Avatars For Any Chat Program, Forum Or Website

A NASCAR avatar can be small, but you can also use larger ones, too. Larger pics can usually be used in what is known as a "sig" or signature which can be setup at the bottom of forum posts that you make. The thing is though that it's entirely up to the program or website that you’re using. Many chat programs and forums have size limits for avatars and "sig" pictures. There is no real standard size as a rule. Most chat programs have a height and width limitation that is usually pretty small. Forums usually have height and width limitations for avatars and "sigs" but they also might have a size limitation in KB.

Thankfully you'll find many a NASCAR avatar already preformatted and designed for various programs and websites so that you don’t have to do it yourself. If you want to try your hand at making your own there are plenty of tutorials available.

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