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Culmination Ceremony Presents NASCAR Awards

The NASCAR awards ceremony is the culmination of an entire series of seriously followed NASCAR races. Although it may not be as dramatic as the actual races themselves, it is no less important because it celebrates the hard-won accomplishments of the winning driver and team and is a complete entertainment event. The NASCAR awards ceremony is not simply an opportunity to present the winner with a medal or prize; it is a carefully planned event that spotlights various achievements and contributions and helps build support and enthusiasm for the popular sport.

NASCAR Awards Ceremony: Celebratory Gala

As mentioned earlier, the NASCAR awards ceremony is not merely a presentation of a prize but more like a celebratory gala honoring a wide range of people and teams. In a way, it is an entertainment event like movie and music awards shows, often being hosted by and featuring the contributions of celebrities. In many awards shows there is more than just one award that is presented, and in some cases the audience and fans are involved in making the final choice (for example, the Fans Voice Award for the Most Dramatic Moment).

It is important to realize that each racing series will generally have its own awards ceremony. This is the reason you may hear of the Nextel Cup Awards Ceremony, the Winston Cup Awards Ceremony, etc. Many of the ceremonies honor or recognize contributors or sponsors that help make the events possible, which is a win-win situation because the racing teams get continued sponsorship and the sponsors get further advertising.

Because so much money and planning is involved in these awards ceremonies, they are often highly publicized. It is not uncommon for event spokespeople and organizers to go on talk shows and morning news shows to advertise the ceremony and encourage fans to watch. Although devoted fans will watch the ceremonies because it is part of the sport, these culminating “performances” may also be interesting enough to attract new fans to the allure of racing.

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