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NASCAR Racing At Bristol Is Pumped With Adrenaline

It's known as "The World’s Fastest Half Mile". It's Bristol, NASCAR racing’s fan favorite speedway. This 0.533 mile concrete oval is one of the sport's most beloved and exciting venues for racing events. You’ll find Busch Series, Nextel Cup Series and Craftsman Truck Series races all taking place at Bristol. Just not at the same time. This hot track is demanding on the drivers and the tight racing conditions means there's plenty of excitement in store for race fans.

Why do NASCAR fans love Bristol? It may have something to do with the fact that the track requires intense driving skills and razor sharp reflexes. But for all the talent of the driver, you're almost guaranteed to see more than one crash at Bristol. The short track and fast speeds which top out at over 140 mph makes for plenty of close calls, wipeouts and a even top drivers headed off the track with banged up cars. Who'll win at Bristol NASCAR races is always up in the air.

Bristol - NASCAR Shapes It's History And Growth

There's a lot of history to be found at the Bristol Motor Speedway and it's one that spans well over 40 years. Located in Bristol, Tennessee the facility is home to both a dragway and speedway and it has grown considerably since it's original construction. The first Bristol NASCAR race was held in July of 1961 with a seating capacity of only 18,000. Now this popular event track can hold more than 160,000 screaming and cheering racing fans after several expansions and improvements to the existing speedway.

The buildings and seats may have changed over the years at Bristol, but the track has remained virtually the same. They say you don't mess with success and Bristol NASCAR events have continually been some of the most anticipated for fans of the sport. Record breaking crowds are nothing new for "The World’s Fastest Half Mile" and as the attendance levels keep rising, it seems that Bristol itself keeps changing to accommodate the increases. The drivers and the fans know you can never know what to expect at this fast track. If you had to choose a place to see a race this year, heading to Bristol Motor Speedway would be one of the best decisions you could make.

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