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NASCAR Racing Gets Laughs From Jokes On Internet

If you're like me, you hate hearing non-racing fans make stupid comments about how NASCAR racing is nothing but one big left turn. For them the only NASCAR jokes are the ones about how ridiculous the sport is. True fans who really love NASCAR know that there's always something to laugh about. From drivers to fans and the lengths they'll go to show their support for the sport there are enough jokes to fill Talladega. And did you hear the one about how to tell if you're at a NASCAR fan's funeral? Now that is golden and one you can probably add to yourself!

Everyone likes to tell jokes around the job and when everybody's all together for poker night or whatever comes up. If your buddies are race fans then a couple of good NASCAR jokes will have them cracking up and maybe even start a few more good ones coming. Here's one you might find funny (and I mean MIGHT). Bill, Bobby, Jeff and John are all in an army platoon. Bill is first in line when it comes time to march around the parade grounds but the Sarge notices that after they've made four turns John has replaced Bill at the front. He calls the company to a halt and storms up to John. He starts yelling and cursing and demands to know why John is now first in line. John stands at attention, salutes and says, "Drafting, sir!" Ok. It's corny, but it works.

NASCAR Jokes Can Be Funny Or Downright Awful

It's not easy coming up with your own NASCAR jokes all the time. But then that's why there's a thing called the internet. It can take from about five or ten minutes to days to actually think up your own NASCAR jokes and then there's no guarantee that they'll be funny. Case in point at the above joke. You can't make this stuff up. Or maybe you can. But please, take my advice. Leave the thinking to somebody else that might actually have some funny ideas or else be doomed to having your friends standing around scratching their heads while they try to figure out what was funny about the "joke" you told. There are plenty of good and funny jokes online as well as plenty of jokes that are downright awful. It's easy to sort through them though and you will find some really great ones that will have all of your race fan friends busting their sides laughing.

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