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NASCAR: A Different Sport

NASCAR is a hot topic throughout the United States, especially in the South. Although it is a sport, many of the most sport-crazed fans throughout the country have no idea what it is all about, what all the lingo means, and how it operates. However, those that do follow the races religiously are serious fans and can often tell you more about the sport that you have the time to hear. Anyone who argues that NASCAR drivers are not real athletes are bound to find themselves in some serious confrontations should they talk to the wrong person. Although NASCAR drivers may not seem to have much in common with typical athletes, the reality is that serious training, endurance, and stamina is essential to every good driver’s strategy.

The Complexities of NASCAR

On first glance, NASCAR can seem like an incredibly complicated sport for the uneducated or uninformed viewer. However, the good news is that with a little bit of explanation, NASCAR can be understood and you might even find yourself becoming a fan. Many people are initially confused by all the decals on the cars. The decals are symbols identifying the sponsors who fund the racing team. Because NASCAR racing is such an expensive sport, some teams may have more than one sponsor.

NASCAR racing is not only cars, either. For example, in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, the racing vehicles are actually small trucks. During a race, it is important to note that the driver is not the only one competing. There are actually many people involved with each car you actually see out on the track, and all of these people combined are called the racing team. They help with car maintenance, strategy, communication, etc.

Although each NASCAR event you see is a race in itself, there is also an ultimate championship. The winner of this final championship is determined by a special points system that tallies up all the points each driver receives from each race. Even though a driver may lose a race, he or she still earns crucial points for it that may help him or her win the championship. NASCAR racing is a complex sporting event, but all of these small details help add to excitement. All it takes to enjoy the sport is an appreciation of speed and an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.